Sunday, May 16, 2010

UK march against 'white genocide' how history repeats its self

Whether you agree or disagree there is a worrying and distinct pattern to crimes perpetrated on Whites in South Africa

This is the sort of tactic and demonstration that the ANC used in its struggle years to highlight the plight of black South Africans during the Apartheid years. It is so ironic that history repeats its self only in reverse with the shoe on the white South Africans feet this time around!

The protest began with an invitation on social networking tool Facebook to an "awareness campaign against crime, genocide of white people, murder of all races, farm murders and the current state of things in South Africa".

The event - which is not affiliated to any official grouping - has drawn over 446 Facebook supporters and more than 150 other marchers.

Ivan Cornelius, the mastermind behind the stint to publicly "reveal the atrocities in South Africa", told The Times in London yesterday that he was tired of the slaughter of South Africans and that global awareness was necessary.

Though the Facebook group and event listing on the website have brought in several views, including that whites are being targeted by criminals in South Africa, Cornelius insists the genocide is more than that.

"A genocide goes beyond murder. The genocide that we are talking about highlights other issues too. Whites are the only group whose language is being attacked and eliminated. White culture is being attacked and eliminated. We have ticked the boxes which qualify a nation of genocide and there is a genocide of whites," he said.

Cornelius said the event has no affiliation to the right-wing AWB.

"I can't control who comments on the Facebook page. We have received loads of e-mails from South Africans who support us. We stand as a whole with a specific view but we cannot break down every individuals other views, whether racist or not," he explained.

This has been evident on the Facebook event page, where Cornelius has called for marchers to carry national South African flags tomorrow - however, several have refused to do so, saying that they detest the democratic flag.

Cornelius does not believe that the march will cause further racial tension in South Africa.

"I don't see how it can. I am not a racist yet as whites we are called that. If it does bring up racial tension then it will reveal the truth and will expose ... the real racists."

He added that the march is not meant to dent South Africa's image ahead of the World Cup.

"I want the World Cup to be a success. Why would we want it to be a disaster?"

However, not everyone attending the march is on the same page as Cornelius. Some have written that they want the world to be warned before the tourists leave the World Cup in body bags.

The march has been authorised by London police, who will monitor the protest