Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Anybody remember Iggy Pop?

And now for your next instalment of
Tales of the Crypt Keeper
Raw Power

Iggy Pop
Iggy Pop does not give a Rats ass that he's walking around looking like he was just exhumed after hundreds of years. Who cares if the worms are still wiggling under his skin! Iggy's got this whole persona going for him!
Here's Iggy literally melting for his fans while performing in London last night. That theater probably smelled like boiled embalming fluid, muddled raisins, pork fat fresh off the bone and the tears from a million scared children. Basically it smelled like Freddy Krueger getting a skin graft underneath a McDonald's heat lamp, what the hell though Iggy was all "Raw Power"
------ Nasty I tell you
“WE MADE this album when we were little and young and everyone said we were s---. Now we’re old and we’re all going to die, but at least before we died we played the f---ing album.” With words to that effect, Iggy Pop ended the first night of this summer’s European tour with the Stooges – a triumphant celebration of the ground-breaking Raw Power album that was a flop on its release in 1973. His speech revealed two things: the honesty that runs through his work and has never allowed him to praise an audience without reminding it of its essential failings, and the absolute self-belief that transformed this gig from nostalgia into a vindication of the present.