Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Making Bacon a swine of a story

Porky Piggy
Weighing only nine ounces at birth (and yielding perhaps half a strip of Bacon on their best day), micro-pigs have become more and more popular as House pets. Ever since Victoria Beckham reportedly bought two of them for her husband, soccer phenom David, for Christmas in 2009.
Their small size belies their big price tag—the piglets can fetch $1,200 a pop—but their long life span (nineteen years, on average) makes them a sound investment for people with porcine propensities.
They’re also known for being loving, intelligent, and non allergenic, but be warned: they don’t stay small forever. They won’t achieve the same proportions as their full-size counterparts, but adult micro-pigs can weigh up to fifty pounds and be a foot tall—in other words, not exactly the best bedfellows. However if you a pig in bed then they could make good bedfellows!