Thursday, January 7, 2010

If you having a Braai tonight don't forget the Potato Bake

Potato bake is a must have at any braai and this potato bake recipe is great just as it is or you can add, like I often do, tasty little extra’s like bacon bits and mushrooms or even a little chopped green pepper to liven it up. It’s a really creamy recipe that is definitely not for dieters but with summer almost upon us and the December holiday braai beckoning, you will want to keep this one. It really takes little effort and adds so much, make it your own by adding your favorite flavors. (6 people)

What you need

4 large potatoes, thinly sliced
1 large onion finely sliced (optional but recommended)
250ml cream
Granular chicken stock from Ina Paarman or Woolworths or Ina Paarmans potato spice
Cheddar cheese
Punnet of Mushrooms
Bacon bits 250 grams

 The process
Take an oven dish of about 30cm by 20cm and 10cm high, butter it lightly by taking a piece of the butter wrapping or cling film, and spreading the butter over the base and sides of the dish.
Place layers of potato, a light sprinkle of stock and a few onion rings. repeat until you are almost to the top of the dish. (If you are adding bacon bits and mushrooms, cook the bacon first and add a few of each between the layers and a little Garlic never hurts ether)

I also put a thin layer of grated cheese in between on every second layer of potato sometimes.
Now pour over the cream, place the lid on or cover with with alluminium foil and bake in a 180 Celsius oven for 40 minutes.

Take off the lid, add a nice layer of grated cheddar cheese and place back in the oven for a further 15 minutes or so until the topping is melted and bubbling.