Thursday, September 22, 2011

KUBER another drug hooking our kids

If you are a Parent OR Teacher read this

Be aware that there is a new drug on the market called  “KUBER” , it is disguised  as a mouth freshener and in sachets similar to tea leaves pouches.

The nicotine – rich stimulant is widely consumed by school students and taxi drivers. It is a non smoking  tobacco and is chewed or made as a tea and drunk. The problem is that it contains tetrahydrocannibinol (THC). This is the same ingredient as dagga and therefore should be illegal. It is banned in many  countries and we still seem to have to react.

It is most going around the schools. They are warning people to please watch your kids because the drug does not have a smell to it and it makes children very high. However and most importantly is that it makes them so high and stimulated and inhibition free that they want to have sex.

This is a drug that comes from India and has now made it's appearance all over Africa and South Africa. It is easily purchased at Chinese shops, herbalist shops and sometimes even in health shops!!!