Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Are actors recycled?

Take a look at the photos below makes you wonder if there is not a lot of truth in the old saying

"There is nothing new under the sun"

Friday, June 22, 2012

Hot Nerdy Girls at Comicon this year

COMICON or the premier comic book and sci-fi convention always attracts geek's and nerds and some of the lady's were sexy nerdy if you catch my drift

Told you sexy nerdy

Two Apes and a blond

A blonde lady motorist was close to Laingsburg when she was flagged down by a man whose truck had broken down.

The man walked up to the car and asked, "Are you going to Cape Town ?"

"Sure," answered the blonde, "do you need a lift?"

"Not for me. I'll be spending the next three hours fixing my truck my problem is I've got two chimpanzees in the back which have to be taken to the Tygerberg Zoo in Cape Town .

They're a bit stressed already so I don't want to keep them on the road all day.  Could you possibly take them to the zoo for me? 
 I'll give you R500 for your trouble."

"I'd be happy to," said the blonde.

So the two chimpanzees were ushered into the back seat of the blonde's car and carefully strapped into their seat belts. Off they went.

Five hours later, the truck driver was driving through the centre of Cape Town when suddenly he was horrified!!

 here was the blonde walking down the street and holding hands with the two chimps, much to the amusement of a big crowd.

With a screech of brakes he pulled off the road and ran over to the blonde. "What the heck are you doing here?" he demanded, "I gave you R500 to take these chimpanzees to the zoo."

"Yes, I know you did," said the blonde," but we had money left over so now we're going to the Aquarium!"

Monday, June 18, 2012

Obama visits the Queen what a stinker

As Air Force One arrives at Heathrow Airport, President Obama strides to a warm and dignified reception from the Queen.

They are driven in a 1934 Bentley to the edge of central London, where they change to a magnificent 17th century carriage hitched to six white horses.They continue on towards Buckingham Palace, waving to the thousands of cheering Britons; all is going well.

Suddenly the right rear horse lets fly with the most horrendous earth shattering fart ever heard in the British Empire.  The smell is atrocious and both passengers in the carriage must use handkerchiefs over their noses.
The fart shakes the coach, but the two dignitaries of State do their best to ignore the incident.

The Queen turns to President Obama, " Mr. President, please accept my regrets... I am sure you understand there are some things that even a Queen cannot control."

Obama, always trying to be "Presidential," replied: "Your Majesty, do not give the matter another thought... Until you mentioned it, I thought it was one of the horses."

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

A tall story about a giraffe in a swimming pool

This young Gentleman was seen cavorting at a polo club rather unruly bloody upstart
 Obviously keeping your head above water is the thing in hard times and this fellow is head and shoulders above the rest
Africa is really not for sissy's

Never fall asleep in church

Mrs. Jones went to have a talk with the minister at her local church.

"Reverend," she said, "I have a problem -- my husband keeps falling asleep during your sermons. It's very embarrassing. What should I do?"

"I have an idea," said the minister. "Take this hatpin with you. I will be able to tell when Mr. Jones is sleeping, and I will nod to you at specific times. When I nod, you give him a good poke in the leg."

In church the following Sunday, Jones dozed off. Noticing this, the preacher put his plan to work. "And who made the ultimate sacrifice for you?" he said, nodding to Mrs. Jones.

"Jesus!" Jones cried as his wife jabbed him in the leg with the hatpin. 

"Yes, you are right, my son," said the minister.

Soon, Jones nodded off again. Again, the minister noticed."Who is your redeemer?" he asked the congregation, motioning towards Mrs. Jones.

"God!" Jones cried out as he was stuck again with the hatpin.

"Right again," said the minister, smiling.

Before long, Jones again winked off. However, this time the minister did not notice. As he picked up the tempo of his sermon, he made a few motions that Mrs. Jones mistook as signals to bayonet her husband with the hatpin again.
The minister asked, "And what did Eve say to Adam after she bore him his 99th son?"

Mrs. Jones poked her husband, who yelled, "You stick that goddamned thing in me one more time and I'll break it off and shove it up your ass!!!!!"