Sunday, May 16, 2010

Oh Hell Golf was never this good at my club!

Scandal on the Golf Course
An aspiring Cape Town actress has blown the lid on sordid sex parties on the fairways of Gauteng golf courses where players must concentrate on the putting greens as naked strippers sway the flag.

There are massage tents, offtee facilities for sex acts - and even a leather-clad dominatrix to whip the worst golfer.

Bringing the strip clubs to the golf course, the raunchy parties are the fantasy of Joburg's richest businessmen, who attend these golf days across the province from Krugersdorp to Houghton, Kyalami and Kempton Park, to the dismay of their wives - if they ever find out.

The days are so popular that they are fully booked days after the advertisement goes out.

And the next one is in five days' time at the Crown Mines golf course.

When Cape Town dancer and actress Claire Hills joined the Facebook group Angel Promotions and Staffing Solutions, she thought she was just signing up to do event promotions.

What she actually found was a "job" working with other young women and strippers at a raunchy golf day party organised by the Penthouse Club.

She would be expected to pose naked at holes, dress up in a skin-tight leather dominatrix outfit and whip the golfer with the worst drive, serve the "blow job" and massage tents, and sponge down sweaty golfers while she stood topless in a shower.

Hills had been invited by the company's owner, Jesseca Carter. Her payment would range from R500 for being naked at holes, up to R700 for working in the "relief-in-the-rough massage tent", plus extras if the "guy wants a happy ending", to R400 for working in the shower with extra costs for anything else, and R1 300 for those working in the "blow-job tent".

An organiser of one such golf day, who did not wish to be named, said the days were kept secret and were a members-only affair.

"Only the men involved know. It's very clandestine. Only the people who need to know, know."

"When the wives find out about it, it causes a lot of trouble. I've had to cancel a planned golf day at the last minute because a wife has found out about it. They come to the day and ruin everything. It's very hush-hush. We keep it between the men. We do our own marketing," he said.

Another organiser, who wanted to be known only as Gary, said he wanted to keep the events low key and didn't need any press.

The girls wore lingerie but were also sometimes naked.

"It's like Teazers (strip club), just with golf. There's nothing seedy. It's just a bunch of like-minded individuals - guys who like naked women and golf - getting together."

He said many of them were businessmen who brought their clients along. Between 100 and 120 men attended and paid between R2 500 and R4 000 per fourball outing.

There was no sex involved, he said, but admitted that "some guys came for the golf, and others came for the girls and got up to mischief".

Sometimes they hired strippers or "girls from the classifieds" - but strippers wanted a lot of money.

Gigi at Lollipop Lounge told the Saturday Star that her girls used to go to golf courses but that they rarely left the club these days.

However, Yolandi at the popular Executive Shows said they often got calls where men needed girls for golf days. Usually the request was for eight to 10 girls from about 8am to 4pm.

"They walk around in hot pants, G-strings, bikinis or topless carrying drinks to the players at the holes. They just make it more fun for the guys. It is naughtier than usual."

Their girls were called to about four or five golf days a year, said Yolandi.

In the past, such golf days have been held in Krugersdorp, Houghton, Bryanston, Kyalami, Boksburg, Kempton Park and Waterpan.

"My group of okes don't want to go the whole hog but they want to have fun. The girls don't get butt-naked," said Yolandi.

Gary confirmed that Carter had helped him employ women for the past two years but added it was "challenging because some of them didn't want to take their kit off".

But Carter, whose Facebook group punts her company as a promotions company for models, said: "I am not recruiting women for sex. I sent an email out on a friend's behalf to girls who are in the stripping and entertainment industry. If other girls got the message, it was purely a mistake... this is for a company that does such golf days regularly. It is the first time I have heard of it, however.

"My company does not specialise in these types of events at all. It was a once-off and I am receiving no financial gain from it whatsoever."

The Penthouse Club golf days are not related to JT Wholesalers, which has the rights to publish Penthouse Magazine and Hustler.

Hustler magazine's annual golf day has gained much popularity over the years. None have been planned for this year.

But managing director Joe Theron said they have been inundated with requests to do so.

"We have been wanting to put it off until next year, but we have received so many calls, we will have to do it. Advertisers and the people they do business with come to it. But everybody who is anybody now wants to come. We are a man's magazine, after all."

Theron said there were many events companies that tried to emulate their parties, which was "disturbing".

"Ours is just good clean fun. There is a bit of nudity but we do it to raise funds for charity."

He said they would never do anything overly raunchy.

"There are girls at the holes, flashing their boobs and maybe a bit more, but that's all!