Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Lolly Jackson gunned down the end of a colourful character and Icon in the adult entertainment industry

A crime is a crime and murder is "foul" all be it somebody that was a shady operator like Lolly. Whatever the situation I always think of those left behind like his wife and kids. My heart goes out to those who have to pick up the pieces. Well Lolly perhaps you will rest in peace now.
The murder has sent shock waves through the adult entertainment industry and South Africa.
Jackson was the man behind the successful Teazers brand.

On Tuesday morning police were unwilling to name their suspect, but it is understood that the killer called them after he shot Jackson and told them where they could find the body. The suspect was a lodger at the house where Jackson was killed.

The suspect was still on the run and no arrests have been made.

Michael Kalymnios, the latest person involved in a run-in with Jackson, described the fugitive as a proper thug.

"He did all Lolly's dirty jobs," he said. "He was his right-hand man. He is Greek, but he had an English surname. He was running around with three passports with Jackson's help," he told The Star this morning.

Sources said the man was due to appear at the Kempton Park Magistrate's Court on charges of possession of stolen property two weeks ago, but not turn up. He was also apparently facing separate charges of being found in possession of a fake passport.

Police spokesperson Lieutenant Colonel Eugene Opperman said the man had not handed himself in and they were still looking for him.

Jackson, 53, died in a fusillade of bullets and his killer then drove off in the Teazers owner's Jeep Cherokee.

It was not clear what Jackson was doing at the house, but it was suggested that he had gone there to collect money owed him.

When police got to the address on Monday night, the suspect had fled and the house was locked. The police had to fetch the owner, who has a business in the industrial area of Sebenza, to open the house for them.

Later, Jackson's wife, Natasha, ran up to the house screaming, and collapsed in the driveway.

Paramedics took her to an ambulance, one of the many emergency vehicles parked outside the house, which was cordoned off by police.

Opperman would not give details of the colour or registration of the car, only saying police had put out a search warrant for it and the driver.

There was mixed reaction to the death of a colourful character.

Exotic dancer GiGi, owner of the Lollipop Lounge in Randburg and recent winner of celebrity reality TV show Survivor SA: Santa Carolina, said she was shocked by his death.

She had danced for both Jackson and his arch-rival, Andrew Phillips, but said she had not spoken to him for years.

"I think all of us in the industry are horrified. What happened is a disgrace and sounds like a personal vendetta of some kind," she said.

She had criticised Jackson for bringing Russian girls in to South Africa to work at his clubs, saying many local girls lost out on work. But she has cashed in on this - the Lollipop Lounge markets itself as a strictly South African operation. So, she said, "he left us alone to do
our own thing".

Kalymnios wasn't shocked by the murder.

"If you lived by the sword, you die by the sword. Lolly was a thug. God must forgive me, but I am so happy he is dead."

The businessman had laid charges of attempted extortion, attempted kidnapping, intimidation and crimen injuria against Jackson, claiming that Jackson had threatened him and his girlfriend, former Teazers stripper Yuliyana Moshorovs'ka, and demanded R50 000 from the couple after she left the club.

Jackson retorted by calling Moshorovs'ka a "cash cow" who had "hooked" Kalymnios, and refused to apologise for calling the businessman a "fat f***".

At the time, Kalymnios said Jackson would get what was coming to him.

On Monday morning, he said: "Once his death was confirmed, I made it public. It's a big thing. This guy made my life a misery.”

Kalymnios called his girlfriend, who is overseas at the moment, and informed her about his death. He said although he hated Jackson he had nothing to do with his death.

Jackson was not afraid of making enemies. They ranged from conservatives who balked at his risqué billboards, to competitors in the strip-club industry who accused him of sending death threats, and Ukrainian strippers arguing contract terms.

Earlier this year, Jackson said about his competitor, Phillips, of The Grand: "That man has been sleeping on his back for 10 years now because he has such a hard-on for me. I know that with fame comes pain. I'm in a business where when I do something right, it is always wrong."

It was a comment made during a court case about a 2008 incident in which he allegedly shot a former
employee with a paintball gun containing rubber bullets and assaulted another former employee.
Phillips told The Star: "He lived rough and he's died rough."

Phillips wasn't shedding any tears.

"The whole world is buzzing about it. It has probably been a while coming, the way he carried on," he said.

"His attitude towards payment terms was 10 percent down, balance in court. You make enemies of people that way. He always threatened people; warned them that they were going to end up in a coffin.

"I detested the man. He was trash - a bigot, racist, extortionist, megalomaniac. If there was a pie, he wanted the whole one."

Phillips described Jackson's death as "a seminal moment".

"I think the world is better off. He was pollution, there was no other way to describe him. The air has been purified. He was a nasty guy," Phillips said.

Speaking at the murder scene on Monday night, family spokesperson Sean Newman asked for privacy.

"We can't talk about the crime at the moment for obvious reasons," he said, his eyes welling with tears.

"Contrary to some people's belief that he was a thug, Lolly was a great man with a big heart who gave to charity. And he was loved by many," Newman told the first journalists at the scene.

He said he had heard about Jackson's death just as he was preparing to go to bed. He had last spoken to him on Sunday.

He said Jackson's staff were like his family.
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