Saturday, April 3, 2010

Lesbians Men’s Fascination and Obsession with them what’s it all about?

Whats the Fascination

We were having a chat yesterday and the subject of Lesbians and men came up! This is what the woman in the conversation thought.
Two women making love is sexy, naughty and sinful . I've learned that men love anything that is sexy and naughty. "Hell I should Know I am a man" Two women having sex is biologically unnatural and forbidden in most religions. We are taught to stay away from that lifestyle at a young age. What happens when you tell someone not to do something? They usually do it. Tell men that watching two women having sex is immoral, sinful, and they become giddy because "two Lesbians are touching each other". So the Reason that men like it is because it's a taboo, naughty little act.

Maybe these aren't the reasons. Maybe there are many more. Whatever the explanation, as sure as the sun will shine, men will always entertain the idea of two women having sex. What do you folks out there think?