Sunday, May 30, 2010

Darren Scott punching out of his weight division gets a beating but the commentary is a little hazy

Celebrity sports commentator Darren Scott is nursing stitches after being hit over the head with a golf club in a brawl with patrons outside a Hillcrest pub.

Scott got into fisticuffs with two patrons after he allegedly reversed his car into theirs in the parking lot at the Heritage Market.

The East Coast Radio jock and television presenter, dubbed "Flaming Hot" Scott because of his fondness for lighting Stroh Rum on his head, confirmed the incident, but refused to give details.

Patrons of the Keg in Hillcrest told the Sunday Tribune that Scott had left in the company of a young woman after much merriment last Friday night.

Heritage tenants spoke candidly about the incident but most asked to remain anonymous.

A Keg & Trout employee said: "He came in here last Friday with some mates and they were having a good time and enjoying some drinks. Some of the guys were regulars, but I hadn't seen him in here before.

"At one point Darren was lighting Stroh Rum on his head. I had never seen anything like that... his hair caught on fire and the flames had to be put out."

After the Keg, Scott moved to Frankie Bananaz, also in the shopping centre, which he reportedly left at around 3am.

He was seen getting into his car with a young woman. Scott allegedly reversed into a car that was occupied by two men, Matthew Jackson and the other identified as James.

A friend of the men said they had told him they followed Scott through the Heritage complex and at some point Jackson jumped out of the car and admonished Scott for bumping into them.

Scott, they claimed, shouted at Jackson, "Do you know who I am?" before getting out of his car and scuffling with him.

Scott pinned Jackson to the ground, at which point James jumped out of the car and came to the assistance of Jackson.

The friends claim that Scott allegedly produced a golf club and hit James, who wrested the golf club out of Scott's hands.

Then Scott went for Jackson with a second golf club. James apparently also prised this out of Scott's hands and hit him on the head, their friend said.

The friend said they had laid a charge of assault against Scott. Reports of the incident vary.

One Heritage tenant said, "Word has spread about how he (Scott) was beaten up, but there are several versions of what happened." Scott said he didn't remember bumping anyone's car and there was no damage to his car.

He also said R1 000 was missing after the altercation. Asked whether he had been hit with a golf club, he said, "I don?t want to say anything more about it. The matter is being handled by the police."

However, the police say they have no record or knowledge of the incident.

Yesterday, the Sunday Tribune attempted to find a record of the incident at the Hillcrest police station, but there was no mention of either Scott or Jackson in the occurrence book.

A provincial police spokesman, Colonel Vincent Mdunge, said Hillcrest police had no record of an assault case.

One Heritage tenant said he had been approached by a private investigator employed by Scott. Darren is noted for his bar-room antics. Two years ago, a video showing Scott lighting Stroh Rum on his head was posted on the internet.


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