Sunday, March 14, 2010

Sounds more like WW3 than World Cup Soccer

Foreigners scramble to secure personal bodyguards for World Cup

Jittery foreign visitors, including diplomats, celebrities and wealthy businessmen, are scrambling to secure personal bodyguards for the World Cup spectacle. The Sunday Times reported that requests from across the world peaked after last week's 100-day celebrations to the soccer games kick-off and this will see several top-end security specialists being fully booked. Dynamic Alternatives co-director, Gavriel Schneider, said clients making requests for the service included executives, individuals and groups from the financial, sporting, industrial and mining sectors. Their requests ranged from 24/7 protection to escorts for stadiums and tourist destinations. A day for the services of a single close protection officer will cost about R3 000.


Personally I think bodyguards are more of a fashion statement by some people as in look at me I must be very important I have a bodyguard. Hey I do realize that some celebs need security but the normal run of the mill rich guy? Well it's all money I suppose and If you can afford it why not