Wednesday, March 17, 2010

The money machine starts only the beginning of the Fifa World Cup plunder

The Zakumi lucky packet, currently only available in Gauteng, sells for R89.95. The modest offering contains a small soccer stress ball, key chain, button badge, temporary tattoo stickers and a silicone wrist band.

By contrast, lucky packets branded with Miley Cyrus's alter ego, Hannah Montana, and the other current popular figures sell for less than a third of the price at outlets like Spar and Toys-R-Us, at R29.95 and R25 respectively.

And fans will also have to fork out hundreds of rands for a slice of other World Cup paraphernalia. With the sporting showpiece just over two months away, colourful - and costly - 2010 goods are being sold across the country.

Cape Town retailers stock a range of World Cup merchandise, including trinkets branded with Zakumi's image.

At a city service station, lapel pins of the mascot were being sold for R57. Keyrings and cellphone accessories cost R150.

For those wanting other Fifa-branded fashion, they will have to dig a bit deeper.

Hooded tops for children were priced at R399 at a city pharmacy.

Adult sizes were even steeper at R545.

Black and white Fifa T-shirts cost R195 and coloured ones R269.

Fifa spokeswoman Delia Fisher said Global Brands had been appointed as Fifa's worldwide master licensee in 2007 and they, and not Fifa, determined the price of Fifa World Cup merchandise.