Sunday, March 14, 2010

These Guys are getting Bigger "Die Antwoord" who would have guessed

I tell you these guys just get bigger and bigger. There are two trains of thought here ether you like them or you hate them.
Well whatever you do think they have quite a cult following both here and in the USA. There’s been a lot of talk comparing Ninja (Waddy Jones) to Eminem if that's a good thing or not who the hell knows. One thing is for sure though these guys are in and seriously hyping the the web at the moment if it lasts well time will tell.

If you want to hear there latest album courtesy of Watkykjy go to this link and check it out
Die Antwoord Fast Facts
  • Die Antwoord crew is Ninja (Waddy Jones), Yo-landi Vi$er and DJ Hi-Tek.

  • Ninja (Formerly Waddy Jones) Has been involved in numerous collaborations :: The Original Evergreens, Max Normal, Constructus Corporation, Max Normal TV and Die Antwoord

  • Ninja (Waddy Jones) and Yo-Landi Visser are Married.

  • Dj Hi Tek was Max Normal TV’s Justin DeNobrega

  • “Die Antwoord represents the sounds of the Zuid Afrkaanse streets. Their fierce, hi energy sound is inspired by Cape Town’s fast and furious mini-bus taxi’s you can hear coming from blocks away with an evil DOOM! DOOM! DOOM!’”

  • Zef Side saw them gain traction and now Enter the Ninja has seen them
    take off
See this fucked up Video to get a sense of what and
where these guys come from  Die Antwoord