Friday, March 5, 2010

Out of Zululand the Crocs have been at it again

Pregnant Wife Saves Ranger

In a life or death tug-o’-war with a three metre crocodile, an Ezemvelo KZN Wildlife game ranger was saved by the heroics of his five-months pregnant wife. Speaking from the Bay Hospital where he is recovering from surgery to his legs following Friday’s horrific attack, Lawrence Munro (34) spoke on the debt of love and gratitude he owes his spouse, Kerrin (31). The couple had walked with their dogs from their Makhamisa Camp home down to the White Umfolozi River where Lawrence checked the water pump. ‘It was around 5.30pm and we crossed through the shallows and strolled along the sandbank. ‘When we returned I suggested we sit on a rock to wash off our feet before putting on our shoes,’ said Lawrence. ‘My feet were barely in the water when the croc came from below and grabbed my left foot. ‘I knew immediately what it was and looked into its eyes as it tried to pull me in. ‘My rifle was out of reach and I kicked out with my other leg and shouted. ‘Kerrin held onto me and was battling to stop me from being taken. ‘The skin was scraped from my arms as I was being dragged along the rock towards the water.’ Lawrence feared they were losing the fight as they had no strength left. ‘I knew that if I ended in the water, I would die. ‘Then it let go of my right foot and bit the left one again. ‘I managed to break free and it let go and disappeared under the water.’ With blood streaming from deep cuts to both legs, Lawrence tore strips from his shirt to bind the wounds while Kerrin ran for help. ‘My radio had rolled into the river during the struggle but she returned with helpers and a stretcher. ‘I was bundled into a bakkie and we raced to Richards Bay.’ Lawrence was immediately taken to the operating theatre where a torn tendon on his right foot was stitched and other deep wounds were attended to. Clearly emotional about the brush with death, the couple are comforted by the tremendous support they have received. ‘The game reserve staff were fantastic and friends and family have rallied around amazingly, while the hospital treatment has been superb,’ said Lawrence. ‘But I owe my life to Kerrin, who is bearing our first child and whose strength and love go beyond words.’
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