Monday, July 19, 2010

Who cut cheese on TV last night?

Now if only the following article was read to a certain Participant in a SA talent production last night who blasted a fart out on live TV! ~
Curry spices could hold the key to reducing the enormous greenhouse gas emissions given off by grazing animals and errant TV contestants, scientists have claimed.

Research carried out at Newcastle University has found that coriander and turmeric – spices traditionally used to flavour curries – can reduce by up to 40 per cent the amount of methane that is produced by bacteria in a sheep's or cow's stomach and then emitted into the atmosphere when the animal burps.

Working rather like an anti-biotic, the spices were found to kill the methane-producing "bad" bacteria in the animal's gut while allowing the "good" bacteria to flourish. The findings are part of an ongoing study led by Dr Abdul Shakoor Chaudhry at Newcastle University.