Monday, July 12, 2010

The Spanish Bullfighters are victorious and walk away with the cup

Top of the world: Iker Casillas, the Spain captain, holds
aloft the World Cup trophy

Never mind the quality, feel the justice. A World Cup final so far removed from the Beautiful Game, so far out of keeping with such a largely upbeat tournament, was deservedly settled Spain’s way by AndrĂ©s Iniesta four minutes from the end of extra-time. Spain have waited so long to lift the World Cup so what was an extra half-hour?

The memory of the excruciating, pockmarked, foul-filled preceding 116 minutes was washed away with Iker Casillas’ flowing tears of joy, with the flowing champagne. The climax of the season was really an abomination, scarred by Dutch fouling and occasional Spanish retaliation, forcing Howard Webb into brandishing 14 cards, two to Everton’s Johnny Heitinga.

In the end there could be only one and Spain stands victorious for the first time in there world cup history, what a feeling that must be? Congratulations to the winners and better luck next time to the runners up. There were no losers just glory and despair but what is important is that two teams played the beautiful game and both go home with honour and adulation from fans