Thursday, July 22, 2010

Whale pops in on yacht and causes havoc!

Sailing couple have a Whale of a time on their yacht

Paloma Werner and Ralph Mothes were sailing in Cape Town's Table Bay on Sunday afternoon when a whale breached on their yacht, Intrepid. The couple said that they were "lucky to be alive and unhurt".

Mothes said they were sailing at about three knots towards Robben Island. "We saw it breach about 300 yards away. It was on a collision course with us. It smacked the mast about a metre and half above the boom and everything collapsed. "It slid back into the water and there were pieces of skin everywhere. There was no blubber but lots of pieces of the whale all over the show," he said. "I had bits of prawn all over me," said Mothes. "It's amazing that we weren't injured." As for the whale? "It was probably bruised," and shaken up he said.

Never mind the "one who flew over the cuckoos nest" this whale tried to fly over the "crows nest"