Friday, July 16, 2010

The Sardines make their annual appearance "Eat Them They Are Here"

Sardine run is finely on the go
Family's and friends have a fiesta with the little fish
The South Coast buzzed with excitement on Wednesday as the first major shoals of sardines were netted. A shoal was spotted at Margate beach, and then moved to St Michael's where the largest netting took place.

Mike Anderson-Reade, the head of operations at the KZN Sharks Board, said it was the most exciting day of the run so far. "There were fish netted in Margate, Uvongo and lots more activity at St Michael's. It was a very exciting day and a lot of people had fun," he said.

Anderson-Reade predicted even more activity in the days to come. "I think they will make an appearance at KwaPhumula next, or even as far north as Mtwalume. Yesterday's activity was especially good for traders of the fish, who were disappointed at last year's meagre run.

BJ Bonakele, a fisherman on the Look Sharp boat, said he was very happy with the number of fish that had been netted.

"Last year was very bad for business; we didn't get anything. But I'm very happy about this year's haul," he said.

Locals were happy with the late appearance of the sardines after most foreign tourists had left South Africa, after the end of the World Cup.

They were happy that on Wednesday's activity had drawn people from other parts of KwaZulu-Natal but said the presence of foreign tourists would have affected the prices they paid for the fish.

Mzwakhe Hlophe said: "The fish would have been expensive if the tourists were still here and their absence is a bonus for us."