Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Debora Patta eats a little Humble Pie a rather acquired taste I think!

Our rabid presenter who loves going over the top intimidating and bullying all and sundry eats a little "humble pie" Nice one FF about time somebody clipped her wings

E.TV confirmed yesterday that 3rd Degree presenter Debora Patta would apologise for accusing Freedom Front Plus leader Chrisna de Kock of racism.

"In hindsight, and having viewed the edited programme, 3rd Degree came to the conclusion that the manner in which the allegation was put across was unfortunate. It is for this reason that 3rd Degree retracted the comment and apologised to Ms de Kock," said spokesman Vasili Vass.

During the interview, which was aired on May 25, Vass said it was put to De Kock that she was a racist. She denied it. Vass said no accusations were made against the FF Plus.

The FF Plus submitted a complaint to the Broadcasting Complaints Commission about Patta's treatment of De Kock in the interview.

De Kock is vice-president of the Student Representative Council of the University of the Free State.

A video made by four white UFS students, which surfaced last year, sparked outrage because it depicted black workers taking part in an initiation-like ritual, which included kneeling to eat food into which a student had allegedly urinated.

Vass said the apology was for calling De Kock a racist and 3rd Degree did not "exceed journalistic boundaries". "Yeah right so diplomatic"

All charges against Patta and the programme were dropped. The apology was broadcast last night on 3rd Degree.