Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Age should not slow you down as these pics show!

Bloody hell this just shows you age is in your mind!
Old-ympics: Gran And Grandad Games
Held in Australia
The Games attracted 28,292 competititors from 95 countries ranging in age from 24 to 101.
Some competitors didn't appear to worry so much about being well-toned
athletes. This woman 83 years old smoked a cigarette while
taking part in the bowling
And they're off!
Earl Fee of Canada (centre) leads his 80-84 age group in the 100-metre
sprint on the track.
Another swimmer, 98-year-old Margo Bates, prepares for the 100-metre backstroke
Jack Mathieson, aged 91, poses after swimming in the 800-metre freestyle.
More than 28,000 athletes took part in the Sydney competition. They included
a bearded man called O Santa Claus.
He ran in the 100-metre sprint in the 80-84 age group.
The100 year old great-grandmother from Brisbane won the gold medal in
shot put- then again, she was the only competitor in her age group.