Monday, April 5, 2010

Why I left SpeakZA and other insignificant trash

I joined this Facebook group because as a Blogger I believe in the principals and ideals of free speech and the freedom of press and association.

However I found that the man who was hailed as the perveyor and upholder of all these democratic values is in actual fact not what he so humbly purports to be.

Yesterday I posted a piece on the murder of "ET" on the group page the same post you can read further down on this blog. Why did I post it there? Well to show people the results of free speech used in the wrong way.

Wow to my absolute surprise Mr Sipho Hlongwane removed the post. Now then a site administrator that is so vehemently pro free speech removes a post because he does not like it is a little weird to me! I have since received E-mails from other people who have been censored and had posts removed by Sipho for no other reason than he disagrees with them.

Well hello if you start a group related to free speech then that is exactly what it should be "Free Speech" if you are so paranoid about what is said and posted to your group don't call it speakZA and bemoan the freedom of speech.

I am disappointed I thought this was a honest and noble group "well most of the group is" but alas i was wrong speech is not free and comment is reserved and adjudicated. So with that said I will remove myself from the group for no other reason than it's not FREE