Friday, April 16, 2010

Well you can blow me away with this suit now I have seen it all!

Dress your partner as your
own love doll

Man whatever makes your world go around
Usually blow-up dolls or other love dolls are thought of as ‘the next best thing’ or even ‘the last resort’ but now those who prefer the permanently surprised look and instant access can dress their partner as their very own love doll.

The love doll suit is made of latex—which, according to latex fans, means it’s as heavenly to don the doll suit as it is to desire your partner wearing it.

This latex catsuit is for women and men.

New medium weight catsuit with integral hood, mittens and feet. The ultimate love doll suit with open mouth, surprised expression, rear zip (from crown of head to below waist), feature nipples and open crotch with dark pink edging. Please note if ordering for a man - the breast cups are empty and you will need to provide your own padding/falsies
Suppose it beats the blow up sheep some of my New Zealand friends have!