Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Wayne's super special home made burgers for that big hunger

A fancy burger with a twist you can make at home and impress your friends with

This is just such a great burger it is filling and so darn tasty it uses french toast as as bun in place of the old hamburger bun and it has a homemade Patty weighing in at a mighty hunger busting 350 grams it is served with a Greek salad and home made fries

So how do you make this baby well read below the recipe is for two burgers

4 slices thick cut bread about 25mm thick
700g ground beef
75g bread crumbs
4 eggs
200g mozzarella cheese
2 tablespoons dark soy sauce
2 tablespoons tomato paste
50ml milk
salt and pepper to taste
Gherkins or pickle of your choice
Oil for frying

Mix 3 eggs and the milk together season with a little salt then dunk the thick cut bread slices in covering all sides. Fry bread till golden brown in pan with oil then set aside these are now your buns.

Now mix the ground beef and bread crumbs with the soy sauce and tomato paste as well as the last egg mix well and season with salt and black pepper. Now split mix in two and fashion two burgers about 100mm in diameter then fry these in a pan not to hot turning only once with an egg lifter careful they big burgers and need care

Once burgers are cooked place on the french toast which you have layered with your favourite pickle then top burger with half the grated mozzarella cheese and place top half of french toast on top and secure with a tooth pick

Serve with a Greek salad and extra pickle on the side and don't forget the french fries or potato wedges, whatever takes your fancy and of course a couple of beers helps as well :0)