Friday, February 18, 2011

Roostekoek or BBQ Bread yummy and filling

Roostekoek or BBQ Bread

Make a basic bread dough but reduce the liquid. Spoonfuls are then cooked on a clean grid over low coals. This is a simple and easy side accompaniment to any braai or BBQ

500 ml flour
15 ml baking powder
2 ml salt
75 ml milk
75 ml Butter milk
1 egg, beaten

Mix together ingredients, place balls on clean grid, cook on one side until crisp, then turn and cook other side until they sound hollow when tapped.

Eat me
Now the fun part is deciding what to eat with them you can simply just lather them with butter or smother them in jam or put pieces of your cooked meat in them and eat it like a hot dog. Whatever you decide they tasty and really good so enjoy