Friday, February 4, 2011

Lets set the red wine serving temperature debacle straight

A lot of people argue this point and just as many ask me what i think the ideal temperature is to serve red wine? Well people lets set the record straight once and for all........

Wine lovers agree that the serving temperature plays a crucial part in enjoying red wines. Most people drink red wines too warm. This may be due to the misunderstood idea that red wines should be drunk at room temperature. The idea of room temperature is fine, the problem is where your room is located. If your room is in northern France, then you are fine. If your room is in warmer places (Zululand) , not so much.

Red wine should be drunk at between 16-18°C. The difference that a few degrees can make in the taste of a red wine is dramatic. That slight chill brings out the fruit and makes the wine more refreshing. Some believe that we don’t think of red wines as being refreshing, but they can be at the proper temperature.

See the chart below for optimal serving temps for your wine this is a guide to increase the pleasure of your wine drinking experience

So there in a a glass bottle is your answer and so lets stop arguing and rather enjoy the contents of some of our magnificent South African wines so drink up and enjoy