Monday, February 28, 2011

Nothing tastes more like summer than this Prosciutto Melon

Simplicity and freshness make this a winner

Prosciutto or Parma Ham and melon is the best and easiest way to showcase  sweet cantaloupes. The combination of the soft melon and the salty prosciutto is simply delicious. These Melons or spanspek as we South Africans call them are picked at there optimal ripeness. A ripe cantaloupe will smell very strong and its skin will turn from green to yellow when it is ready to eat.

Serves 4


•1 Cantaloupe

•16-20 Thin slices of prosciutto or parma Ham

•Cayenne pepper

Cut the cantaloupe into 8-10 slices.

Trim large pieces of fat of the prosciutto and wrap about 2 pieces around each slice of melon.

This can be eaten as a summer starter or even as a salad. However you decide it is a fine simple dish with crisp flavours