Monday, February 28, 2011

Charlie Sheen is blowing his career goodbye it seems!

Charlie Sheen Calls Everything a Turd! "Talking of self destruction"

CBS and Warner Bros. have shut down production of the hit comedy Two and a Half Men after Charlie Sheen's incendiary and ridiculously entertaining radio show rant yesterday. Sheen called Men executive producer Chuck Lorre a "turd," "clown," and a "charlatan," and said Lorre's show was a "tin can" that he magically turned to "pure gold." He also called Alcoholics Anonymous a "bootleg cult," referred to the women he parties with as "turds" and "losers," and called Thomas Jefferson a "p***y."

After learning production was halted, Sheen sent an open letter to TMZ that is even more colorful than his on-air comments, calling Lorre a "contaminated little maggot" and an "earthworm" he defeated with his words, "imagine what I would have done with my fire breathing fists." Sheen then challenged Lorre to a fight and said, "If he wins, then he can leave MY show!"

The outburst may cost Sheen a role in Major League 3, with James G. Robinson — CEO of Morgan Creek Productions — comparing him to Lindsay Lohan and telling TMZ, "I'm not going to risk putting Charlie in the movie if he continues messing up." According to Sheen, that would be a mistake. As part of his rant he discussed Major League 3 and again used the t-word. "If they want me in it, it's a smash, and if they don't, it's a turd opening on a tug boat."

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