Monday, February 28, 2011

Chase Britton a living miracle child

This little boy is so much more than a medical miracle.

Born prematurely, legally blind, and missing his cerebellum – the part of the brain that controls motor skills, emotions and balance – 3-year-old Chase Britton is a wonderful example of the power of human spirit. He also was born without a pons – the part of the brain stem which regulates breathing and sleeping.

Chase is learning to walk, baffling his neurologists who claimed it was “impossible” since Chase “has the MRI of a vegetable,” reported AOL. He is clearly not a vegetable, forcing medical experts to rethink how the brain works.

Last fall, Chase started attending a specialized preschool three days a week. His teacher Sharon Schultz at CHC Learning Center in Williamsville, N.Y., told WGRZ, “I’m in awe of him every day. Things that, based on that diagnosis, he should not be able to do, he is doing. I mean, walking up and down the hall, riding a bike, holding a pencil or a pen to work on projects, using scissors.”

Chase’s mom, Heather Britton told AOL News, “We call him the Little Gremlin. He loves to play tricks on people. His goal in life is to make people smile.”

His father, David Britton, talked about his son’s extraordinary drive to keep trying, keep succeeding. “He’s got drive like I’ve never seen.”

Chase and his parents are both greatly inspiring. The Britton family had their hearts broken before when another son who was only 4-weeks old died on the day he was scheduled to receive a liver transplant. The parents were thrilled when Chase was conceived.

His mom said, “People could view this as a tragic story. But that depends on how you look at life. You can be angry or you can appreciate what you have been given. Chase was meant to be with us.”

She added, “Don’t give up on your kids. Don’t believe everything the doctors say. Don’t get me wrong. I love doctors. But they can be wrong. Chase is extremely healthy. And he’s extremely smart — his motor skills just haven’t caught up.”

As Secondhand Smoke’s Wesley Smith wrote, “But the moral of the story is that all of us should be treated as fully human, no matter how dire our seeming circumstances. And sometimes there is no suppressing the power of human will, and if you will, what is often called the human spirit.”

Hope springs eternal and as long as there is life there is hope. We all wish Chance a life of peace and inspiration as that is what he is to so many others a pure ray of  hope and Inspiration

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