Tuesday, June 22, 2010

The wisdom of our old friend Van der Merwe

He is a National Treasure Van der Merwe
In a fishy story
"Old Van"

Every Friday evening after work Van der Merwe would braai "BBQ" a big, fat juicy
steak. But his neighbors, being Catholic and therefore reluctant to eat meat
on Fridays suffered agonies of temptation as the delicious aroma carried on
the evening breeze.

They persuaded their priest to try to convert Van. Success! Van attended
Mass and the priest sprinkled holy water over him and said, "You were born a
Protestant, raised a Protestant but now you are a Catholic."
Everybody was delighted.

But when Friday night came the wonderful aroma of grilled steak again wafted
over the neighborhood. The priest rushed into Van's garden just in time to see him
clutching a small bottle of holy water and sprinkling it over the grilling meat and
chanting, "You was born a cow, you was raised as a cow, but now you is a
snoek!" "Fishy"