Saturday, June 26, 2010

Back home in Zululand another senseless killing

Father’s Day slaughter

Two young boys spent Father’s Day at Ngwelezana Hospital saying goodbye to their dad who was shot in their prescence on Saturday night. Darryll Westman (46) sustained a fatal gunshot wound to the chest after two intruders entered their Cactus Road home at around 8pm. The family were relaxing at home when the men scaled their back wall and walked into the living room, demanding their valuables. ‘They told us to keep our faces down and not look at them, but when one yanked my chain off my neck I looked up in shock,’ said wife Janie.‘He hit me, and my husband only pleaded with him not to hurt me.’ The intruder shouted at him to ‘shut up’ and was waving the gun everywhere. ‘Then he simply shot my husband,’ she said. The bullet hit Darryll in the upper chest and pierced his lung, liver and kidney.
Locked up
The intruders then made off with the family’s vehicle and left them locked behind the electronic gate. It was the elder son, Nicolas who managed to override the gate and open it. The brave 17 year-old then took his mother’s scooter and drove to Mounties Ambulance and Emergency Services for help. Juan (13) stayed at his father’s side. ‘At first my friend tried to call 10111 and the local control room, but there was no answer.’ ‘Mounties actually notified the police and thankfully they arrived promptly after the medics,’ said Janie. ‘Mounties acted with amazing compassion and professionalism,’ said a friend of the family, René Nel. ‘The police were very helpful. ‘The doctors and nurses at Ngwelezana Hospital also deserve to be commended.
‘We received amazing attention and care. ‘I want to thank Dr Smith, Dr de Kock, Dr Ian Smith, Dr Barret, Dr Mngomezulu, Dr Usher, Sr Biyela and Sr Shabalala for all they did for my husband,’ said Janie.
Despite looming financial difficulties, Janie trusts the Lord will look after her family. ‘My faith and friends are keeping me going.’ At the time of his death, long-time Zululander Darryll was unemployed. Janie is temporarily employed and the family now faces financial pressure on top of their emotional trauma. The funeral will be held at Empangeni Moth Hall on Monday, 28 June at 2pm. In lieu of flowers, a donation towards the family would be appreciated.