Friday, June 11, 2010

Soccer fever has us all what a day woke to the sounds of Vuvuzele's blasting it's crazy out there!

The day is finely here people
World Cup Soccer Fever

I cannot begin to tell you the mood this morning I woke up to Vuvuzeles blowing at five this morning everywhere you drive there are flags! They are on cars on buildings they are everywhere! Vuvuzeles are blowing like crazy I can only imagine what this afternoon is going to be like.

National pride is at an all time high even higher than when South Africa won the Rugby world cup for Mandela. This is an amazing moment in our History so lets savour the moment and enjoy it for all it is worth.

Good luck to our National team Bafana Bafana we are counting on you to Massacre Mexico today so do us proud guys and good luck from us all

Feel it it is here