Sunday, June 20, 2010

Seattle Cop punches teen girl in the face! Is this excessive force or justified you decide?

A Seattle teen seen on cell phone video shoving a police officer who then punched her in the face has apologized to him, and he accepted the apology, authorities say.

Separately, the King County prosecutor charged the 17-year-old as a juvenile, with third-degree assault. That's punishable by a maximum 30 days in detention.

The incident happened Monday as the teen was intervening in a friend's jaywalking arrest by Police Officer Ian Walsh, 39.

The video shows Walsh trying to arrest 19-year old Marilyn Levias. The two were already struggling when Levias' friend, the 17-year-old, pushed the officer, and he responded by punching the friend in the face.

Hell could you imagine the field day in South Africa if you could be arrested for Jaywalking its a common practice here!