Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Something stinks in the state of Lotto

The National Lottery Board has admitted that it is sitting on R6 billion meant for NGOs and charities across the country.

The admission was made in the Cape High Court on Wednesday during an application lodged by two local NGOs after their funding requests had been turned down by the board's distributing agencies.

The NGOs wanted the court to hear the application urgently.

The funding requests were made to one agency that deals with charities and another with arts and culture.

The court also heard that the agencies had been distributing less than a third of the funds earmarked for charities every year.

This is a disturbing trend people and one that has been going on for a few years now! Why are these people not distributing the money as part of their licensing agreement is as such. Are we witnessing fraud rearing its ugly head again or is it just incompetence?
What is going on out their as there are charities reliant on this money, its a disgrace that they are supposedly sitting on R6 Billion rand while people are suffering in abject poverty and desperation out there