Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Smile Mr Crocodile you a big Brut and your on camera

Incredible jumping crocodile caught
on camera in Australia

Brutus the 5.5m Crocodile in action
I think I know why that water is so brown!

A PHOTOGRAPHER got the snap of her life when this giant croc jumped out of the Adelaide River.

Brutus, a 5.5m long saltwater crocodile, launched himself from the water next to a boat full of tourists as he tucked into his regular buffalo meat meal.

Snapper Katrina Bridgeford, from Sydney, took the amazing photo on the Adelaide River Jumping Croc Cruises tour as a guide held out the snack.

She said: "I wasn't expecting anything like this. I couldn't believe how close it got to us. If you put your hand out, you would've touched it."

Brutus, who is missing his right front leg, is a favourite with tourists on the Northern Territory river cruise because of his incredible dinner show.

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