Monday, July 18, 2011

Let The Awsome Clark Retirement Home Entertain You

Clark Retirement Community LipDub from Clark LipDub on Vimeo.

Older people can be so awesome get an eyeful of this lot lip syncing
The song chosen by Clark Retirement Community to "sing" along to is Michael Bublé's cover of "I'm Feeling Good" (of course), originally sung by Nina Simone.

Keeping with the crooning theme, we see synchronised swimmers waving big red fans, roulette players, and, um, old men on motorised wheelchairs with balloons attached to the back.

It is nothing short of absolutely wonderful, and it's our genuine pleasure to share it with you below. So hats off to Clark Retirement Community and the Grand Valley State University Film & Video Production students who made it all happen. Seriously, it's made us feel, like, well good.