Thursday, July 7, 2011

New world record for largest Hamburger

Monster Burger
As a country, the U.S. is known for its big portion sizes in restaurants.

But ambitious grillers took that one stage further over the weekend after setting a new world record for the largest commercially available hamburger.

The massive (352kg) 777lb burger - which included a 110lb bun, 20lbs of onions, 12lbs of pickles and 30lbs of lettuce - beat the previous record holder, a Canadian creation that weighed a measly 595lbs.

The one million calorie Monster Burger

It was cooked up by organisers of the Alameda County Fair on Saturday in a bid to bring the world record to America in time of Independence Day.

Nick Nicora, of Ovation Food Services, told CBS: 'The old record was held in Canada and we wanted to bring it home to America on the 4th of July.'

Mr Nicora and Brett Enright, of Juicys travelling barbecue catering service, were behind the massive burger.

Adding the top bun

The whole thing was sold off at 99 cents a piece to fair goers and yes the Guinness book of records was their to verify the world record.

Hell the third world would do flip flops for this thing it could feed the whole Sudan for a week, it is mind boggling to think how food is wasted in places when people would kill for it in other places!