Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Amy Winehouse the lost child

Amy was let down by all those who knew her or called her a friend!

Why you may ask?

Well that's easy this child which emotionally is all she really was has been calling out for help for so long.

This girl needed to be protected from herself and ruthless people who made so much money out of her shenanigans and antics.

In a sense all her fans failed her by not forcing her to be helped or protecting her from herself but yes we all know it's hip to be in the drug and alcohol clan!

Well have a look at the eventual results people tell me is it still so romantic and such a gas that at the age of 27 you die in the name of fame?

In the end, her death was as public as her life. The lifeless body of Amy Winehouse was discovered in her home at 3.54pm on Saturday. Within hours, rumours were circulating on Twitter, before finally being confirmed by police sources, and then backed up by someone claiming to know the officer who had been called to the scene. The policeman, this person tweeted, said that the singer died from an ecstasy overdose.

It somehow seems wrong that the world knew about Winehouse’s sad demise before her own father did. Mitch Winehouse was reportedly on a plane to New York; strangers in their tens of thousands were made aware of the news before him.

Perhaps it was best that he was 35,000 feet up in the sky. At least there he could not see the people pointing a finger of blame at those around the singer; people who had never met Winehouse or her family, tweeting themselves into a lather as to who was responsible for not looking after her.

The Internet, even for this avid Twitter user, was a pretty repellent sight on Saturday night. It was, for a moment, overtaken by Twitter ghouls carrying out the online equivalent of slowing down to look at a traffic accident. Rubber- necking.

Often, when confronted with tragedy, people note quietly to themselves that there are no words. At the weekend, there were – as long as they fitted into 140 characters, the maximum length of a tweet.

Sad to think that the dweebs who fed her habit will go on to make more money from her fame in death, it is a fu%ked up world we live in where assholes feed pain and misery to make money!