Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Phoenicia Visiting Richardsbay

She is leaving Mozambique this week and will be in Richardsbay shortly and should be quite a spectacle and interesting to see

The journey will be long...
The challenges will be great...
But the rewards will be inspiring & unforgettable.
Our adventure starts here

Over two and a half thousand years ago one of the greatest journeys in mankind's history began on the Egyptian shores of the Red Sea. Greek Historian Herodotus tells us how, in 600 BC, Phoenician mariners achieved the first circumnavigation of Africa, a voyage into unknown waters previously considered too dangerous to attempt.

In 2008-2010 a reconstruction of a Phoenician / Mediterranean trading vessel, built at the ancient Phoenician port of Arwad, will embark on a journey to re-trace the Phoenicians' route around Africa. Re-creating this historical voyage is the major objective of the Phoenician Ship Expedition.