Monday, January 18, 2010

Now don't be Grossed out by this one Bahhaaaaa

I once got served this on the first Sunday lunch I had with my ex wifes parents on the farm. Not pleasent i promise but then there are people who like it so i thought i would include it in my blog Grrrrrrr

Baked Sheep Head

Ask your butcher for a whole sheep's head scraped clean of wool. At home clean it some more to get rid of all the wool, use hubby's razor! J Scrape the inside of the ears with a sharp knife to clean them properly. Open the mouth and rinse the inside properly, let the water run out the throat.

Fill a bucket full of water and place a handful of salt in, stir to dissolve. Place the head in the water and ensure that it's completely covered. Soak for an hour, then remove from water and rinse, then dry the head with paper towels.

Put some salt in the mouth and salt the whole head on the outside as well. Wrap tin foil around the ears to stop them from burning. Place the head in the oven in your baking saucepan at 120 degrees C. Leave in the oven for a good few hours, overnight if necessary. A bit of water will ensure that the meat will not dry out.

Now you have to have someone with whom to share the sheep's head. And it can't just be anybody, it must be someone that you love, someone who will not freak if the head appears on the table with a mouth full of grinning teeth, because eating a sheep's head is an intimate affair……

You and your loved one sit down with the head between you. He has the knife. First he cuts off a piece of lip and eats it, then he cuts off another piece and gives it to her. Then he cuts a piece of cheek off and eats it, then cuts a piece of cheek off and shares it with you. The dog gets the nose. And so you work your way through the whole head. An eye for an eye and a cheek for a cheek, and don’t forget the ears, it's nice as they crunch as you eat them.

But it's when you get to the brain that your love is really tested, because a sheep has a small brain and it has to be shared. And only one tongue and that has to be shared as well!

Never, ever prepare a sheep's head if you are not sure of your love!!