Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Makarapa South African Soccer hats

So Unique to SA these should add flavour to the world cup


Watch any major South African football match, and two pieces of paraphernalia immediately stand out: one the now widely known vuvuzela trumpet, and the other the makarapa - the modified, decorated miners' helmet unique to South African soccer fans.

After lengthy discussions with the 2010 Local Organising Committee (LOC), Fifa finally relented, opting to allow the vuvuzela and the makarapa to be wielded and worn inside the stadiums during the 2009 Confederations Cup and 2010 World Cup.

Now, the LOC, along with the International Marketing Council of South Africa (IMC) and South African Tourism, are actively encouraging South Africans to take up the vuvuzela and makarapa in order to give the events a distinctive local flavour.

The sound of the vuvuzela might take getting used to, the makarapa might get in some people's line of sight, but there is no better way of creating that unique, energetic South African atmosphere during a soccer match.

A South African soccer supporter will spend hours adorning his makarapa with the logo and colours of his team, images of a favourite player, words describing the imminent downfall of the opposition, and embellishments such as giant sunglasses.