Monday, May 16, 2011

Woman claims to have largest breasts in the world

The morning TV show "This Morning" is at the centre of controversy after the show played host to a woman claiming the world's largest breasts at a massive 164XXX

Charms appearance on the show with stars Philip Schofield and Ruth Langsford sparked almost 4,000 comments on the This Morning Facebook page.

Daytime viewers were left horrified as to why an exotic dancer and stripper more suited to a late night post-watershed show was a guest on the pre-lunchtime magazine show - with the possibility of children watching.

Originally from Minneapolis, 35-year-old Chelsea had her breasts enlarged by means of a now illegal procedure in which polypropylene string was implanted into each breast.

The material irritates the breast lining, creating a serum which enlarges the breasts, a process which could continue indefinitely.

Chelsea has added she would eventually have her breasts reduced and the polypropylene removed.

But at present they are still growing at a rate of one inch a month.

Chelsea explained to a shocked Ruth and Phillip: 'Most of the other girls who have had this procedure have stopped at some point so I’m just waiting for that to happen.'

Well guys what you really want is an eye full of this lot
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 Chelsea Charms Ladies and Gents

 Smile, Phillip! Schofield looks slightly happy don't you think? 

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