Thursday, May 19, 2011

Arnold Schwarzenegger's kid from the maid

Conan you are a Barbarian
Every man knows that if you're gonna cheat you trade up (ex. Brad Pitt), so it's a little disappointing to see that Arnold Schwarzenegger got this chick, Mildred Patricia Baena, pregnant on purpose. Anyway, this is her. Standing beside her is the result of a quickie in the bathroom while Maria was getting a manicure. Well whatever it is it's just a nasty little affair proving Arnold has Barbaric tastes!

Mildred and Arnold's love child

This is the 13-year-old love child Joseph of Arnold Schwarzenegger and his mistress Mildred Baena. Pictures posted on his mother's social networking page have revealed the boy bears a strong resemblance to his father.

Pregnant at the same time: Arnold Schwarzenegger's alleged mistress Mildred Baena at her baby shower in 1997 and Maria Shriver (right) pictured that same year while carrying her youngest child Christopher. Both women gave birth within days of each other

It has emerged that Baena, who worked at the Schwarzeneggers' housekeeper for 20 years, gave birth to her son a mere five days after Arnold's wife Maria Shriver.

A more recent photo of Baena and son Joseph

Mildred Baena's son, believed to be the former California governor's love child, was born on October 2, 1997, according to documents unearthed today.
The actor and his wife Maria Shriver welcomed their second son, Christopher, on September 27 that same year.

Baena and Shriver would have encountered one another daily while pregnant, with Baena working in the family home but living elsewhere.