Tuesday, May 10, 2011

My favourite things the news and tittys together on e.tv

ETV pushes the limits with the naked news
on late night Saturdays

The staff of late Night News

Naked News is an international news programme that shows after the late night movie at 10pm, and features female presenters who strip during the bulletin. Guess who will be watching the news more avidly

Naked News producer Craig Kelly said it was up to the presenters to decide whether the show was degrading or not. E.tv told SABC the programme was not pornography and complied with Broadcasting Complaints Commission standards. The commission was however investigating complaints received by viewers.

Of course the programme is not without controversy from every prude and religious organization in South Africa who all say it is an afront to womans rights or some such bull

Naked news describes itself as “the programme with nothing to hide”. And they mean that quite literally. Vass stated on Tuesday that: “Art, entertainment, film news, food and exercise are some of the topics that the programme covers,” he added that “The programme has been scheduled for the next 11 Fridays. It has an 18N-rating and no sex scenes will be displayed.” I’m a little concerned about the naked exercise section of the show that could cause my blood pressure to peak out Heehee