Monday, March 28, 2011

South African Sexpo goes as far as live sex competion!

Controversial sex convention Sexpo is raunchy enough as it is. But this year South African fans will be even more shocked.

They’ll move beyond being titillated by all sorts of kinky sex toys and erotic lingerie. Now they will also take part in live sex shows – as judges.

This is because new reality show Porn Stars has enlisted the help of Sexpo fans to find the country’s next male and female porn star.

The controversial reality show will travel to Durban in August and Joburg in September – but not to Cape Town as Sexpo isn’t going to the Mother City this year – to show off the 100 finalists chosen from the auditions to showcase their talents.

“People attending the Sexpo this year will get the first glimpse of the 100 finalists chosen by us.

“The finalists will be performing sexual acts live on stage so that people at the show can vote,” said Porn Stars producer Donovan van Wyngaard.

"Together with the people at Sexpo, (porn magazine) Hustler subscribers and the judges, a decision will be made as to who we choose as the lucky winners for the show.”

Gigi, owner of Joburg strip club the Lollipop Lounge and winner of SA reality show Survivor, along with Afrikaans writer Yolanda Barnard and Hustler’s Adam Gordon are the three judges who have whittled down the hopefuls to the 100 at Sexpo.

While the reality show has yet to hold auditions in Cape Town and Durban, Van Wyngaard said they were very pleased with the auditions in Gauteng, but especially with the number of people who had come forward to register.

More than a thousand porn star hopefuls registered to audition for the show at the Penthouse store in Woodmead, Johannesburg, three weeks ago – but only 120 were lucky enough to get an audition.

“Those that managed to make the 120 cut did a fantastic job. The first set of auditions involve us judging the acting skills, while the next set will involve the sexual performance of the individuals,” said Van Wyngaard.

The next set of auditions are to take place at the Lollipop Lounge, and Gigi cannot wait. “The first set of auditions were great fun and we have many talented people in Joburg. All different kinds of people entered the show, not the typical kind of people we expected,” said Gigi.

“One thing for sure is that there aren’t many shy people in Gauteng, we received so many registrations,” she laughed.

“At my club we will further cut down the numbers and then move on to auditions in Durban and Cape Town, it’s very exciting.”

She added that the next set of auditions – where contestants would be performing sexual acts – would be interesting to say the least.

“I’m sure all the people who entered think they are great at it (sex), it will be interesting to see just how good they are. Maybe we will find the perfect porn star. Who knows,” she said.

The reality TV show will announce the two winners after their performances at the Sexpo shows in Durban and Joburg. The male and female winners will also get roles in Hustler’s 2011 end-of-year film and receive R5 000.

Van Wyngaard wouldn’t say which TV station would flight the series, but did say that South Africans could expect to see the first Porn Stars episode soon as talks with television producers were at an advanced stage.

“Currently we are just busy editing the pilot,” said Van Wyngaard

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