Wednesday, March 9, 2011

The 2011 Mv Agusta F3 what a bike

The 2011 Mv Agusta F3 is a study in Italian style with amazing attention to detail

Mv Agusta F3
MV Agusta unveiled their latest creation, the 2011 MV Agusta F3 in Milan this week. The F3 sports a 675cc three-cylinder that produces an unbelievable 140 hp. Coupled to the huge power figures, this is one of the most beautiful bikes we’ve ever seen. MV Agusta is famous for making gorgeous machines, but this one is the top of the pile.
Exhaust Layout
The most interesting new aspect of the F3 engine however, is the use of a counter-rotating crankshaft. By spinning the crankshaft in the opposite direction of the wheels, it helps to counter some of the gyroscopic forces that tend to keep the bike running straight, aiding in handling agility. Also, instead of the trademark underseat mufflers, the F3 features the now-common under-engine exhaust chamber, with three slash-cut muffler tips exiting out the lower right side (somewhat similar to the Brutale models).
Rear Suspension layout
Attension to detail and styling once again comes through in this shot of  the rear suspension. Supsension components are Marzocchi fork and Sachs shock. Front brakes are dual disc with radial-mount Brembo calipers and a Nissin radial master cylinder.

There is just something about Italian bikes that fascinates me they are like Armani suits or Ferrari sports cars they just exude class and style in a way that Jap bikes just cant