Monday, March 21, 2011

Did you know that a WW2 fighter plane could make Ice Cream!

Nothing has been more responsible for machine gun noises than the mouth of Ice cream eating kids playing with toy World War II-era fighter planes.

It's easy to see why kids love them: The real ones were some of the most badass machines ever built. They dealt death to ground, sea and air alike. And when you were done using them to tear apart your enemies in a hail of bullets, you could also make yourself some refreshing ice cream!

Yep: You can make ice cream with a plane.

To quote: "To stave off boredom the ground crews rigged 19-liter (five U.S. gallons) cans with a wind-driven spinner connected to a mixing rotor, and hooked up one under each wing of an F4U.

A pilot would take the aircraft up to high altitude for a given period of time and then come back to base with the ice cream." And it wasn't just an isolated incident pulled off by the World War II equivalent of Bill Murray in Stripes, either -- the practice was pretty common.

In some cases, the soldiers even asked the pilot to do loops and barrel rolls to stir the ice cream, not even going to the trouble of fitting a mixer like they did with the F4U.

Thankfully, modern planes are no longer used for such trivial matters.