Friday, January 28, 2011

Never trust a funeral director or undertaker

The director of a funeral home is talking to a woman whose husband has just died, and he asks her if she has any special requests for the funeral.

“Yes,” she says, “he has to be buried wearing a black suit”.

“Well, this is a pretty dark blue suit he has on now, is that close enough?”

“No, no,” she said “it has to be a black suit. It’s very important, it’s a family thing.”

So he told her that, alright, he’d be sure and see to it. The funeral was a couple of days later, and the man is buried wearing a black suit. After the service, the woman talks to the funeral director again and thanks him, says that yes, it was perfect, and asks if she owes him anything extra for the cost of the suit.

“No, actually,” he says, “It’s a funny story. You see, just after you left another woman came in whose husband had died wearing a black suit, and I asked if she’d mind if he was buried in a blue suit instead. She said no, not at all. So I switched the heads.”