Thursday, January 13, 2011

Charlie Sheen is a legend when it comes to partying and it seems he is at it again!

Charlie Sheen is the bender king. We were just starting to forget about his last incident where he was found naked, intoxicated, and ranting with a pile of coke and a prostitute back in October and now he’s at it again!

Forget “Two and a Half Men” — We have learned Charlie Sheen has hooked up with three whole porn stars in Las Vegas — all at the same time … during what we’re being told is an epic bender.

We’ve learned Charlie hooked up with the three women — who are in Vegas for a porn convention.

The foursome is holed up at The Palms Hotel and Casino.

Sheen was seen today hammering down Grey Goose Vodka in the hotel bar.

Charlie is due back on the set tomorrow, and everyone around him — from studio execs to members of his team — is deeply concerned for his welfare and wants him to go to rehab.

As far as we know … Sheen hasn’t checked in with anyone today and probably will tell all and sundry to F*%k off tell he decides it's time to let up

Man this guy is a legend and is probably going to go nova on us and go out in a spectacular way shortly if he keeps up at the current rate