Friday, August 20, 2010

The ugly face of Rhino poaching in Zululand

Yet another Rhino decimated

 The horns were removed
Waste of a magnificent animal all for a Horn

Brazen poachers put a single AK47 round through the head of an adult male rhino in the early hours of Wednesday, before surgically removing its horns. Game rangers doing their rounds discovered the animal’s body shortly after 9am, just metres away from the corridor road near Masinda in the iMfolozi Park in Zululand. This is the 14th rhino to die at the hands of poachers in KZN this year. The scene of the latest kill is close to staff living quarters but the poachers were not seen or heard.

All of the horn is destined for the Asian markets where it is worth more than gold in weight. It is thought to have amazing healing powers as well as to be a powerful aphrodisiac.

However the truth is that it is just compacted hair. The horn has about the same medicinal value as your toenails but such is the power of legend and fabel that it is reducing our Rhino population to near extinction!