Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Roxy Louw lands part in new movie Blue Crush 2

Roxy's going places

FHM’s sexiest woman in the world, Roxy Louw is hitting the world by storm. The 23-year-old beauty just keeps outdoing herself, this time she has landed an acting role in the Hollywood movie, Blue Crush 2.

Being the daughter of former Springbok rugby player Rob Louw has been much easier than it might have been for a lot of kids; instead of disappearing in her father’s shadow and feeling beat up about it for the rest of her life, Roxy has been doing what she loves most and giving it her all; the results are astounding.

She is one of the most successful models in South Africa, a talented surfer and now a Hollywood actress.

She received the amazing news just days after she became FHM sexiest woman in the world.

It is reported that she got word of the role through Royden Bryson, Lorin Barnes’ surfer boyfriend.

"Lorin called me up and asked whether I would be interested in auditioning, and, voila! I did a screen test a month before I even knew that they were interested in me for the part," she said.

She will be playing Acapulco Goldie.

In the movie,based on 2002's surfer flick Blue Crush, which starred Kate Bosworth and Michelle Rodriguez, Louw plays a South African living in Cape Town who "adopts" a troubled American girl, Dana, played by British actress Sasha Jackson, after she runs away from her Beverley Hills home.

Dana finds refuge in Goldie's "crazy surf house" and they travel from Durban to Jeffrey's Bay in search of the perfect wave.

The film is a collaboration between South Africa and German production, and is co-produced by Hollywood's Ron Howard, who directed Frost/Nixon, and A Beautiful Mind's Brian Grazer.

It is directed by Mike Elliott of Beethoven's Big Break fame.

Louw says she doesn’t have much acting experience but says Mike Elliot, the director is amazing. Therefore she was able to act naturally throughout her audition.

"The director, Mike Elliott, was amazing! He directed us through every take. I wasn't nervous at all and acting came naturally. I tried to live the role and had myself believe that the odyssey was real. It definitely helped having such an awesome cast and crew on set," she said.

"On the short breaks we had in the evenings, after wrapping for the day, I would try to get all the cast who were living in the same hotel together for a party or dinner. I was involved with everyone, so it was very hard to leave my fellow cast members.

"So, though it was only a month and a half of shooting, I really felt part of the family."

Roxy might just be the next Charlize Theron; there is another acting role she could be up for but until it is finalised, her lips are sealed.
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